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2015 CET Q5-250H


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Stock NumberID-26813-5256
Rip includedYes
Rip typeOnyx Thrive
Rip version12.0
Equipment width64 inches
Number of colors5
Service contractNo
CommentsCET Q5-250H UV 64" Hybrid Printer. A Great UV Press. Tough, easy to maintain, easy to use and it prints beautifully. When I was comparing these to the other UV presses during the purchasing process, this by far has outshone the competition in quality of print. Beautiful edge to edge printing with productions speed to change as it matches your needs from full speed board printing to creating quality art pieces. This is a working press and it's on the floor now to demonstrate. Showroom condition and light use. We purchased 6 years ago and it has opened up a huge market for us as a commercial printer. We got into markets and clients that we had no access to before. It is CMYK with White ink Ricoh printheads. We also have a full version of Onyx Thrive RIP is available that is calibrated perfectly to the UV press - it will include the computer. It is 64" wide bed and the hybrid feature gives it a much easier footprint to fit in any size shop.