$59,000 (USD)

2017 Colex SX1631


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Stock NumberID-26927-5600
Rip includedYes
Rip typeOptiScout
Rip version2017
Equipment width84 inches
Service contractNo
CommentsI purchased this brand new Colex SharpCut Cutter with Router with 6 tools. it was installed in early 2018 and put down in Aug 2019 (still down at my warehouse). They have very low hours and are practically still new as I was never able to make it in this industry. Colex SharpCut Pro Flatbed (SX1631-COL model) 3horse power router w/ 126”x67” work area w/ triple interchangeable tool head. 3.1 M-Pixel Camera. 6 zone vacuum. Itemized Equipment: Colex Cutter w/ Router, Computer and rolling cart for Colex, Dayton Vacuum for Colex, Colex Tool V-Cut Knife, Colex Tool Double Edge, Colex Tool Creasing Wheel, Colex Tool Universal Single Edge, Colex Tool Kiss Cutting Knife, Colex Tool Coroplast Knife, Misc. Blades.