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2020 Other Z1390


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CommentsThe 180w laser head can be used for cutting thick materials with high speed, the 80w laser head can be used for high precision engraving, 1) Table size 1300*900mm, effective working area 1200*900mm 2) Honeycomb+knife strip table 3) Reci W8 180W laser tube, Reci W1 80W laser tube 4) Electrical up and down table for Z axis 5) Rotary attachment 6) Water chiller cw5200 7) 550W Big exhaust fan 8) Update to 380W big air pump 9) Front&back rear door to pass long sheet material endless 10) Red cross light 11) Safety indicate light. 12) High precision square linear guider rail 13) Import lens and mirror 14) XY is hybrid servo driver & motor with high precision and stable 15) RDworks Ruica controller, DSP, USB, LCD in English 16) 110V~220V transformer (3kw) 17) Universal wheel and Foundations 18) Gray&Green color