About Us

In the rapidly evolving large format printing industry there is a genuine and growing need for a professional used equipment marketplace. Global Garage fills this need with this industry leading web site backed by 22 years of experience and a documented record of integrity.

Greg Lamb and Mike Altreuter originally conceived the Global Garage as they were looking to assist Global Imaging customers. Many Global Imaging clients couldn’t upgrade to new gear until they could sell or trade their current equipment. Others wanted to purchase equipment but weren’t ready to pay new equipment prices. After almost a year of making this a behind the scenes service for clients and vendors, we realized there was a huge demand. There was a need for a company that could break down the financial and logistical challenges involved, and equally important - one that had a proven record of professional, honest business practices.

Mike Altreuter is a partner and the President of Global Garage. He is the face and workhorse of this company. Mike has been in this industry since 2005 when he dove in head first and immediately became the #1 sales person at Global Imaging and at the same time one of its most technically knowledgeable team members. Mike quickly gains the respect of our customers and partners with his honest, thoughtful and competent exchanges. He spends his days assisting clients on things like how to price equipment to be sold, setting up logistics for transportation and determining when manufacturer assistance should be employed for install, de-install or training. And of course he is always working creative deals to result in happy buyers and sellers.

Greg Lamb is a partner in Global Garage. Greg has been in this industry since 1995 as a founding partner of Global Imaging. In that time he has developed a book of valuable partners who respect and enjoy working with him. Greg’s efforts are largely focused on making the Garage more valuable by partnering with manufacturers who are looking for help selling their used equipment. He also happens to be one of the most creative deal makers we’ve ever run across. If it seems it can’t be done, it ends up in Greg’s lap.

Tara Lamb is a partner who lives behind the scenes. She has also been in this industry since 1995 and is a founding partner of Global Imaging. She spends her time weaving logistics, web maintenance and marketing. She’s always working to improve marketing efforts, assuring that when a piece of equipment is listed with the Garage, the world will know about it as quickly, effectively and as often as it takes to get it sold for the best price possible.