$1,000 (USD)

2016 Mimaki CJV-130-150


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Stock NumberID-26975-5751
Rip includedYes
Rip typeRasterlink 6 Plus
Rip versionVersion 2.12
Equipment width54 inches
Number of colors4
Service contractNo
CommentsSelling a used Mimaki CJV130-150 printer/cutter. 6 years old. This is for pretty much for parts only as had issues with print head (replaced with new) as well as slider board but keeps blowing fuse. This quote is from tech guy ( we’ve put in the new printhead and had you replace the slider board to no avail, it is continuing to burn through the fuses because of an electrical fault that is likely going back and forth at this point between the print head and com IO board. This puts you in a rather dilema, one where the parts that have been installed are probably not recoverable (due to continued electrical damage) and would again need to be replaced before we consider replacing the main COM I/O PCB. Comes with 6 ink cartridges of SS21 ink, new dampers, new capping station and the aforementioned print head and slider board (which most likely is but may not be damaged). Also comes with Mild Solvent Washing Liquid (still in bag) and Rasterlink Plus 6 Version 2.12.