$10,000 (USD)

2014 HP Scitex FB-500


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ManufacturerHP Scitex
Stock NumberID-26985-5787
Rip includedNo
Equipment width64 inches
Number of colors6 PLUS WHITE
Service contractNo
CommentsThis has been a very reliable printer that is an ideal first flatbed. It has the white ink kit installed plus the CMYKlclm ink set. The productivity is great and the quality is very consistent. Before the flatbed, we printed and mounted graphics onto substrates. It immediately saved us money through the elimination of the print vinyl and the labor required for mounting. It saves even more when you print rigid posters because you can precut the material while the machine is printing and save the labor required for a separate cutting operation. The FB paid for itself quickly! It is very easy to learn and there is minimal color shifting. This machine has had all of it's maintenance performed to schedule and we keep a separate service log. I have been told that it is in excellent condition. We are selling this machine to upgrade to the New HP Latex machine for higher speeds and wider color gamut. It is easy to load as we have a 10 x 12 bay door and a forklift can easily move it and load it onto a truck.