$25,000 (USD)

2020 Geo Knight 931-AS54103


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ManufacturerGeo Knight
Stock NumberID-27049-5984
Rip includedNo
Equipment width84 inches
Service contractNo
CommentsNeed to print massive signs that capture attention and draw people in? This TRITON heatpress is your best bet. Make your most incredible sign dreams a reality with this large format pneumatic heat press. Versatile – prints on almost any material from fabrics for banners and garments to tile, wood, sheet metal, and more. Customizable – prints in a large range of customizable sizes. Reliable – designed for dependable, high-quality production. Impress world-class brands with luxury signage printed on this heat press. It is 80” left-to-right, 11ft front-to-back, and 10,000 lbs. It needs two pallet jacks, or a forklift and pallet jack to move it off the truck. Lift from UNDER the frame, not too far off the ground. Easy to move once it’s a few inches off the ground. No crane/rigging required. Just pallet jacks and a LOADING DOCK.