$150,000 (USD)

2017 Aeoon KYO


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Stock NumberID-27116-6194
Rip includedYes
Rip typeKothari Print-Pro
Rip version4130
Equipment width161 Inches
Number of colors4
Service contractNo
CommentsThis KYO is printing amazing and fully operational. We have used it for over 2 years and have kept up on all maintenance recommendations from manufacturer. Our machine comes with all the pallet types you would need to print on any body style for tshirt like mens, womens, kids and infants. It also can do pants, has a bag pallet and a jumbo pallet for larger printing of blankets or other type fabrics or sheets. DTF Printing Upgraded into machine so you can print DTG or DTF. The reason we are selling it is that we are converting fully to a DTF business and no longer have the need for the capabilities of the DTG printing process. This is a robust DTG machine but overkill for DTF only. Great for companies that are looking at DTG focus but want a DTF component in one machine.