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2015 Kornit Allegro


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Stock NumberID-27131-6247
Rip includedYes
Rip typeCaldera
Rip versionGrand RIP+
Equipment width84 inches
Number of colors7+1
Service contractNo
CommentsAllegro is a easy to use 2 person operation direct to fabric printing machine, Real print speed is 1 yard/minute in production mode of 600x600 dpi. Inks are water based pigment inks that doesn't harm environment. Practically there is no water consumption and disposal to the system. Very clean and quiet process. Print, dry and pack your printed fabric. No lengthy and costly washing and steaming process. Prints on almost all types of fabrics in woven and knit. Print quality and color brightness is well accepted in apparel and home furnishing market. This machine is very well self maintained in very clean environment. I have been in printing business for more than 22 years, retiring for family.