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2018 EFI-VUTEk 3r +


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Model3r +
Stock NumberID-26765-6248
Rip includedYes
Rip typeEfi Front End
Rip version11.1.19
Equipment width3.2 meters
Number of colors4 color + white
Service contractYes
Comments4 color + white; ink type is 3M super rage XF V3, Maximum print width: 138” •(As of 4/25/2023) Only ever used for 2,256 print jobs, with a total runtime of 2,197 hours, 32 minutes, and 15 seconds.Total print area of: 72,613.6703 m2 Nozzle test shows some blockage. However we have brand new replacement nozzles that can be installed by a service tech after confirmation of the sale, or that could be installed by the buyer. Printer is powered-on and is being maintained. Optional items included: 4 double slitters, 4 single slitters, 2 take-off tables, and different brackets. RIP version: EFI Front End v 11.1.19 (computer included)