2015 Fluid Color R105F | HT3116UV




ManufacturerFluid Color
ModelR105F | HT3116UV
Stock NumberID-27302-6836
Rip includedNo
Equipment width60 inches
Number of colors5
Service contractNo
CommentsPrinter is working well we just don't utilize it as much as we've moved to using two hybrid printers in our workflow. Ricoh Gen5 CMYK+W printheads (can add varnish, remove white, or add a second row of CMYK), 10' x 5' bed, Substrates up to 4 inches thick, Water-cooled, LED Curing Technology. Simple Pin Registration System for media positioning, Independently controlled vacuum zones, Automatic Media Thickness measuring, Crash bars to protect the printheads. Printer was purchased fully refurbished in Dec 2019 from Fluid Color and installed by a certified technician. Brand new UV LED lamps were installed at that time to replace original mercury lamps. CMYK Heads print like the day we got them. The White ink needs to be run daily, but if not going to use white ink the heads can easily be removed, and the configuration changed via the software. The ink set currently in the machine has been discontinued so ink lines will need to be flushed when ordering new ink. Have extra brand new Fiber Data cable, Encoder Reader, and PCIE card, ink pump and negative air pressure pump.