$9,000 (USD)

2016 Fuji 3200R


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Stock NumberID-27317-6892
Rip includedYes
Rip typeFuji AL RIP
Rip version2.0
Equipment width3.2 meters
Number of colors4
Service contractNo
CommentsFor sale as a parts machine but it was printing when it was taken out of service. Business needs changed and we no longer had a use for a 10' wide press. Taken out of service in December 2022. All ink tanks, lines, and printheads were flushed. Annual PM was completed in August 2022 replacing dampers, caps, and ink pumps. 3 of 4 printheads were replaced in Feb 2021, low usage since those were done. Includes Fuji AL RIP, never used as we run Caldera in our large format dept. Extra parts include full set of check valves and cap bases. Both styles of takeup are included also, standard and small/dual roll. All service was completed by Fuji Technicians under a service contract.