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2018 Graphtec Gravograph IS8000


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ModelGravograph IS8000
Stock NumberID-27374-7113
Rip includedYes
Rip typeGravostyle
Rip versionv8
Equipment width24 inches
Service contractYes
CommentsThe Gravotech IS8000 Rotary Engraver is a powerful and versatile benchtop engraving machine designed for industrial and commercial applications. It features a high-frequency rotary spindle that can reach speeds up to 20,000 RPM, allowing for precise and efficient engraving on a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, wood, and more. The IS8000 boasts the largest workable area of the ISx000 line, making it perfect for large projects and batch applications. Comes with Gravostyle software for CNC job preparation, design, and editing. The IS8000 is also compatible with various design software programs, enabling seamless integration and efficient workflow for creating and engraving intricate designs. We have had this machine for about 5 years, and use it occasionally, mainly for ADA signage which is made easy with the braille applicator kit. It is super convenient and requires little to no maintenance, especially with the vacuum attachment. The vacuum box just needs to be emptied occasionally depending on level of use. Technical Specifications: Max marking/engraving area: 24" x 48" (610 mm x 1220 mm) Dimensions (L x W x H): 43.03“ x 71.85 “ x 28.93 “ ( 1093 mm x 1825 mm x 735 mm) Machine weight: 584.22 lbs (265 kg) Connection to computer: USB Rotation speed: Max 20,000 rpm