$15,000 (USD)

2015 HP Scitex FB700


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ManufacturerHP Scitex
Stock NumberID-26358-5072
Rip includedYes
Rip typeOnyx
Rip version19.0.3.712
Equipment width104 inches
Number of colors6 option for White
Service contractNo
CommentsThe HP FB700 is an easy printer to use giving high quality prints. Printers are very clean, Both machines were under full HP maintenance contracts up to about two years ago. Both printers have the white color option installed, but neither printer has ever ran any white ink through it. Selling these two printers for addition space for upcoming equipment purchases. Optional purchase of Second HP FB700 for parts at an additional $3,000, willing to bundle both at $17,000. Parts printer needs heads and we believe a mother board to make it operational.